Personal Party Wine Ltd.

Information on our Prosecco

From the Zucchetto Vineyards in Northern Italy

The sense of highest quality in our Prosecco is reflected in our total commitment to research and method, with respect for nature and for consumer health. Combining all these factors, we proudly offer you products that reflect our style of life and, obviously, the wines that we love!

All grapes from estate vineyards are hand picked and carefully harvested to avoid any crushing or bruising; they are gently pressed and the juice fermented at steady temperatures to produce and preserve original variety aromas. Wines rest in stainless steel tanks during the cold seasons and are prepared for a second fermentation or the bottling (for the white) at the beginning of spring. Reducing the use of sulfites is our main goal in the winery, achieved by minimal movements from the mousts to the cleared wine.

All of the vine's maintenance, from pruning to harvesting, is done by hand; the integrated pest management is applied in all the vineyards.