beautiful italian vineyard at dusk


Prosecco is great for weddings. It’s the perfect treat to make your special day more memorable. Choose from our exclusive Zucchetto range and let us prepare your future memories for you. 

On average one 75cl bottle of Prosecco will be required for 3 persons. So for 100 drinking guests you will require at least 35 bottles of Prosecco. 

You can contact us anytime with any queries you may have and we will get back to you. 

We provide the beautiful bottle of bubbly for your wedding or events, we do not provide glasses. 

Our range of Zucchetto Prosecco is perfect for weddings. An elegant and refined prosecco from the heart of the Italian countryside. 

The best type of Prosecco for events is Zucchetto Prosecco. Originating from the finest Italian vineyard nestled between the dolomites it creates the most versatile Prosecco in Ireland. 

Cartizze is a small hilly area, 200m – 350m high in 260 acres in the whole of Italy where the Cartizze Prosecco DOCG is produced from a limited number of producers, including Zucchetto. The roots dig deeply into the clay textured soil, to ensure water reserve and nutrients The grapes are grown on a steep part of the hill where there is a specific microclimate and soil which gives the grape a very special flavour and make the highest quality of all Prosecco in the world. Cartizze Prosecco grapes are hand-picked, as these are on a steep hill, with fresh rain water feeding the roots.

It’s a very small and exclusive family run vineyard, close to Treviso by the village of Valdobbiadene, where all of their Prosecco is produced. They only make 85,000 bottles per year, so this is very special, high-quality Prosecco which most customers will have never tasted in their lives.

It’s easy! We have all labels printed professionally, so there is a minimum quantity of 12 bottles per order.

Please forward us the information and any picture you want on the label (Approx 9cm wide x 5cm high), we will generate a proof which you will need to approve in writing, then we will need have these adhered to the prosecco and ask for payment before delivery.

This depends on the number of bottles, timescale for your delivery and current shipping rates at the time of order. We will calculate this and only charge at cost. Alternatively, for local delivery within 50 Kms of Galway, we will charge €10.